Queensland Government and Electrical Safety Office Information

Information supplied by the Queensland Government and the Electrical Safety office on matters relating to electrical safety in your home and business.

This first video is a creation of the Queensland Government in response to the electrocution of a 5-year old boy who tried to open an oven door while it was turned on. The ad played repeatedly on TV and radio for around a month in June 2016. As a result, we received many business calls for a short time but, in my opinion, more needs to be done to ensure the community sees the importance of electrical safety in their homes and businesses.

This second video was produced by the Electrical Safety Office. In it, the Senior Electrical Safety Officer for the Queensland Government says that the Office now wants all circuits to be protected, even on separate tariffs. Unfortunately, this video is not easily accessible for the community to view.

This third video was created by the Electrical Safety Office in response to the roof insulation deaths where nails were driven through cables and workers were instantly electrocuted. It instructs that you switch off your main switch before entering your roof space. At Clems Electrical we believe you need to turn off your main switch even before you change a light bulb. You can refer to this in our information videos.